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General Amal for All Type of Sihir

Printed From: Rawatan Sihir
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Forum Name: Amalan Am untuk Pelbagai Keadaan / Miscellaneous Amal
Forum Discription: Panduan amalan untuk pelbagai keadaan terutama kecemasan / Amal guide for miscellaneous situation especially emergency
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Topic: General Amal for All Type of Sihir
Posted By: abg_ramz
Subject: General Amal for All Type of Sihir
Date Posted: 04-Mar-2008 at 7:40am


We have observed the following (general-purpose) amal has been quite effective even though it is being amal by patients themselves, bi iznILLAH.

This amal has been shown to reduce the effects of sihir, evil jinns, alhamduLILLAH. In addition, usually after 3-4 days of amal, insyALLAH dreams showing the situation are provided.
The following are types of sihir which are are appropriate for this general amal: 
  • Possibility of ancestral jinns, where we dream of strange "baby" or "babies" which we are given,  we are hugging or we are breastfeeding (for female patients)
  • Sihir given through food - usually to cause either divorce (wife and husband suddenly angry)
  • Sihir causing the patient to have incredible blind love for person (not his wife or husband) 
  • "Buried" sihir within the house compound
  • Dry skin where doctors are unable to find cause and remedy
  • etc 
  • EXCEPT VOMITTING OF BLOOD (please refer other amal listed in this section) 

The complete set of amal:  

  • Istiqfar 3x (the shortest is "Astaqfirullah 'al 'azim")
  • Fatihah 1x, Qursi 1x, Al-Baqarah 285-286 1x
  • Salawat/Darood 3x (the shortest is "ALLAH humma sali 'ala Muhammad")
  • Al-Baqarah ayat 1-17 
  • Surah Yasin 1x
  • Surah al-Jin 1x
  • Salawat/Darood 3x
  • Ameen


PS - If necessary read 3x or 7x to make recited water for purposes of drinking, bathing for the patients. And as well as spraying of the recited water in the house. This will speed up the recovery process, insyALLAH

If you have made the amal for 3-4 days without any effect. please do the following every day:
  • Istiqfar 100x
  • Salawat/Durood 100x
  • zikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 1,000x

In addition, please get a pious person to check:

  • Our food to see if it is halal or not
  • Our 5 mandatory prayers are done correctly or not
Take care and wassalam

Saya hanyalah seorang tukang seru; berserulah kita kepada ALLAH, Tuhan yang menguasai Segala Apa yang di Langit dan di Bumi

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